About Debbie Siebers

S1_26454FinalDebbie Siebers is on a mission. It started more than 20 years ago, when Debbie herself decided it was time to start living a healthier lifestyle. The changes she experienced in her mind, body and spirit inspired a passion to help others improve their lives through fitness.

“We all know how important it is to stay active, but as we get older, many of us develop limitations that keep us from exercising, either because it hurts, or we’re afraid it will do more harm than good. I created Body Dynamix for us, the Baby Boomers, so we can continue to embrace healthy living at any age. With Body Dynamix, there are no limits to how healthy you can get, or how good you can feel!”.

From her early days as a personal trainer for Body-By-Jake and co-hosting FIT TV’s cooking and exercise show “Fitting It In,” to the phenomenal success of her “Slim-in-6” exercise program, Debbie is renowned for inspiring others to embrace healthy living as well as for creating fun, easy-to-follow fitness programs that bring life-changing benefits.

Today, Debbie’s name has become synonymous with the best in fitness guidance. Her “Slim in 6” fitness program has helped millions of people get healthy and fit, making it one of the best-selling fitness programs in history, and her career highlights reveal an extraordinary legacy of helping hundreds of thousands of people achieve positive changes in their lives:

  • Debbie is certified with AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), the world’s largest fitness education association
  • She has served as a trainer and fitness expert for numerous television productions, including Body-By Jakes’ Fitness Show, CNN Live, FIT TV’s “Fitting It In,” Discovery Health Channel’s “National Body Challenge,” and Travel Channel’s “Swimsuit Slim Down”
  • Following the overwhelming popularity of “Slim-in-6,” Debbie created her advanced program, “Slim Series,” and the 30-minute routines, “Slim Series Express,” as well as her healing and restorative program, “Total Body Solution”
  • Debbie has been honored as a keynote speaker at Wellness Events and Women’s Symposiums across the country, and was selected to lead the fitness and wellness workouts for the Parker Chiropractic Convention in Las Vegas in 2016
  • Believing that true joy comes from inspiring others, Debbie travelled to South Africa with DreamCatcherSouthAfrica.com, helping to implement exercise programs designed to empower young girls at schools in impoverished areas and give them hope for a better future

Now, Debbie is on a mission to help YOU get fit and healthy! Debbie has drawn on her 20 years of experience in fitness training to create Body Dynamix, a breakthrough exercise program designed exclusively for adults over 50.