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Why Body Dynamix?

Exercising the right way for your age is crucial to longevity, mobility, and vitality. Body Dynamix is a low-impact, joint-friendly workout for people aged 50 and older who want to boost their health and wellness without difficulty or pain. Regardless of age, weight, or injury, Body Dynamix is designed to safely build up your muscles without breaking down your joints.

How Does it Work?


Workouts total
Created by

Debbie Siebers

Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer
Each program is

Easy to Follow

and at your own pace

Body Dynamix has 7 amazing workouts

that are designed to help you...

Strengthen & Tone

Improve Flexibility

Reduce Joint Pain

Boost Metabolism

Improve Circulation

Reduce Stress

  1. 1 Body Insurance
  2. 2 Yoga Flow & Poses
  3. 3 Tone & Walk
  4. 4 Cardio Walk
  5. 5 Core Walk
  6. 6 Core on the Floor
  7. 7 Restore & Repair Final

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