What is Body Dynamix 2?

Designed specifically for adults over 50, Body Dynamix 2 is a low-impact, joint-friendly workout designed to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and help prevent injury.

You'll Get 7 Low-Impact, High-Reward, Joint-Friendly Workouts available online and on DVD!

Body Dynamix 2 includes seven low-impact effective routines. They are designed to work separately or together to help you:

  • Strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and mobility.
  • Reduce joint pain and injuries.
  • Increase metabolism and fat-burning.
  • Boost immunity and longevity.
  • Promote better circulation and a healthy heart.
  • Lead a more energetic, productive life!

You'll get 7 amazing workouts!

#1 Balance and Agility (22 min)

In this low-impact routine, Debbie teaches us a short standing balance routine followed by drills and exercises to help you improve your balance and agility. You can use a straight back chair for balance until you become confident to not depend on it.

#2 Pep In Your Step (26 min)

In this fun, low-impact cardio routine, Debbie demonstrates short and easy routine to feel energized.

#3 Upper Body Blast Routine (32 min)

This routine consists of very thorough, effective upper body exercises using light and medium weight to help tone and strengthen your muscles. There is no getting up and down off the floor.

#4 Stretches With Chair (24 min)

In this low-impact routine, Debbie takes you through a series of upper and lower body stretches, again never hitting the floor. Debbie offers a few modifiers such as towel and/or strap to assist. As you know, stretching is super important to do after exercise since it helps relieve stiff muscles, increase flexibility and joints. It is recommended to use this routine daily.

#5 Anti-aging Routine (32 min)

This low-impact routine focuses on working all the major muscle groups of your body using medium to heavy weights. It includes squats, rows, lunges, push-ups with modifiers, planks with modifiers, and more. As you age, it is crucial to do strength conditioning in order to strengthen both your muscles and bones.

#6 Mat Routine For Bone Health (30 min)

This is an essential routine that was designed with the help of a top Pilates expert in Denver. In this low-impact routine, Debbie takes you through a series of Pilates-based drills and exercises to help strengthen your back, knees and core to promote proper alignment, stronger spine and achieve better bone health.

#7 Easy Chair Routine (24 min)

In this program, Debbie takes you through some breathing exercises followed by easy yoga stretches to promote healing, reduce tightness, and help you relieve stress. You have the option to use a straight back chair as Debbie shows.

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Upgrade Routines

Yin Restore (30 min)

In this healing restorative routine, Debbie shows you easy moves and techniques to treat any soreness, relax, de-stress, and/or unwind. In this routine, Debbie teaches you how to do proper stretches and postures while holding several deep breathes, which allows the muscles to relax and release. Calm your body and mind with this restorative routine.

Balance Ball Routine (32 min)

This is a fun low-impact cardio routine that is will keep you energized.