What is Body Dynamix 2?

Designed specifically for adults over 50, people with limitations, or anyone who is just starting a fitness program, Body Dynamix 2 is Debbie Siebers’ newest workout program that offers low impact and joint-friendly routines designed to strengthen and tone muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and help to improve bone health and prevent injuries.

As we age, our big muscles start to degenerate. We lose about 5% of muscle mass per decade after age 30. This contributes to loss of strength and mobility, good strong posture and leads to body aches as we start to put more pressure on our joints.

Debbie Siebers, celebrity fitness trainer, who has been a fitness and wellness expert for more than 30 years, created Body Dynamix 2 because of her own limitations and to address these issues. The combination of strengthening routines, Balance and Agility, Upper Body Exercises, Anti-Aging exercises, along with core strengthening, restorative and healing routines, creates the Ideal Solution to live a healthier and pain free life!

You'll get 7 amazing workouts!

Body Dynamix 2 includes seven effective routines that are designed to work separately or together to help you:

  • Strengthen and Tone Muscles, while building Endurance
  • Improve Flexibility, Mobility and Balance
  • Reduce Joint Pain and injuries
  • Boost Metabolism and Burn Calories
  • Promote Better Circulation and a Healthy Heart
  • Strengthen Core and Improve Bone Health
  • Lead a More Energetic, Pain Free and Productive Life

#1 Balance and Agility (22 min)

In this short routine, Debbie takes you through some drills and exercises to help you improve your balance and agility. Feel free to use a straight back chair to assist you until you feel confident and no longer need it.

#2 Pep In Your Step (26 min)

This is a fun, low-impact, joint-friendly cardio routines. Debbie takes you through some easy exercises to get your heart rate up, burn some calories and get you feeling energized!

#3 Upper Body Blast Workout (32 min)

This routine consists of very thorough, effective upper body exercises using light and medium weights to help tone and strengthen your muscles. For all of those who have requested it, there is no getting up and down off the floor in this one

#4 Stretches With Chair (24 min)

Debbie takes you through a series of upper and lower body stretches, again never hitting the floor. She offers a few modifiers using a towel or a strap to assist you. As you know, stretching is super important to do after exercising or by itself, since it helps relieve stiff muscles, help to lubricate the joints and increases flexibility. It is recommended to use this routine daily.

#5 Anti-aging Workout (32 min)

In this full body workout, Debbie focuses on all the major muscle groups using medium to heavier weights. It includes, squats, rows, lunges, push-ups with modifiers, planks with modifiers, and more. As we age, it is crucial to do resistance training a 3x per week in order to strengthen both your muscles and your bones.

#6 Mat Routine For Bone Health (30 min)

This is an essential routine that was designed with the help of a top Pilates expert in Denver, Jonathan Oldham. In this routine, Debbie takes you through a series of Pilates-based drills and exercises to help strengthen your back, knees and core to promote proper alignment, a stronger spine and to achieve better overall bone health.

#7 Easy Chair Yoga Routine (24 min)

In this program, Debbie takes you through some breathing exercises followed by easy yoga stretches to promote healing, reduce tightness, help you relieve stress and achieve the mind/body connection. You have the option to use a straight back chair as Debbie shows or you can do the same routine standing if you prefer.

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Upgrade Routines

Revamp your Body Dynamix 2 Program with two bonus routines, Yin Restore and Debbie’s Balance Ball Routine. These programs are designed to help you stretch, unwind and relax those tight muscles, as well as keep you energized and strong, enhancing your fitness program.

Yin Restore (30 min)

In this healing routine, Debbie shows you easy postures and stretches to treat sore and tight muscles. This program will help you reduce stress, help you to unwind after a long day and promote a better night’s sleep. She teaches you proper breathing, which allows the muscles to truly relax and release. Calm your body and mind with this restorative routine. It’s a slice of heaven.

Balance Ball Routine (32 min)

This is a fun, full body workout using light to medium weights and a balance ball to take stress of your low back and give you some extra support. Debbie starts with a short warm-up followed by upper body, core, lower body exercises and a nice stretch. This is a great workout to integrate into your weekly program.